The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance of reinforcing a Corporate Communication that takes care of the company’s culture and reputational branding, enhancing the internal and external image. Customers are no longer exclusively looking for quality products and services; They also demand that behind these products there are humane, sustainable, and responsible companies.

A strategy aligned with the social voice and interests of the community at all times, transmitting the message of the CEO and General Management through economic and sectoral means; with interviews and round tables on streaming channels; with adequate institutional relations, messages of social responsibility and good governance. And, above all, with effective communication of sustainability areas and initiatives that will undoubtedly be essential in the coming years.

A Communications as a Service (CaaS) based on the real needs of the company with strategies tailored to the objectives of each area; and forming a direct part of commercial success by positively influencing the final perception that the client has of the company.

Communications as a Service (CaaS):

  • Corporate Communication: Internal and External
  • Financial Communication
  • Institutional Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (R.S.C.)
  • Communication & Sustainability

Corporate Digital Branding (ToolS):

  • Analysis of the history of the company and address: Property, CEO, General Management.
  • Creation of StoryTelling & StoryDoing.
  • Definition and development of the Contents and Spokespersons.
  • Execution of the Editorial Calendar by areas and objectives.
  • Monitoring & Analyzing.
  • Consulting and Technology.
  • Accompaniment throughout the process, consulting in the implementation of technology and methodology; and advice exercising the duties of the Internal Communication Department.


BUDGET: € 1,000 per month

* JP Media external audit service not included