Family (storytelling)

After more than twelve years as Director of Communication & PR of Mascaró & PrettyBallerinas nationally and internationally; working side by side under the direction of the Mascaró Family; reaching from scratch to the main celebrities of the world; with an inseparable team of professionals specialized in showroom management, celebrities, influencers and Digital Marketing strategies; the time has come to share our knowledge and experience with other projects.

Life is a matter of feeling and we are the same as we started in 2008 but we have evolved a lot. We do not want dozens of clients served by junior executives and interns who waste more time on internal reporting than talking to the media. Life is a matter of personal chemistry and we all must feel that special connection for projects like these to work, where the commitment goes far beyond a simple job.

We select the brands just as we select our friends, we try to have one from each segment to complement and help each other. We do not want to be great; we want to be strong and resistant; because we will accompany you during all the steps of the way and we will be one of your best friends.


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